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The AmSaf Files

Querying June 2022

Story Summary

In an outer space settlement, a quirky, close-knit team of scientists are working on the AmSaf Machine, a ground-breaking technology that expands the capacity of the human mind through dreams. Entering the dream space while secretly very distressed, their test subject, Berit, gets stuck in an endless loop of nightmares. Now, only her estranged brother, Travis, can use the machine to save her before her mind deteriorates and a decade’s worth of research is all for nothing.

About the Novel

The AmSaf Files is a science fiction standalone featuring an ensemble cast of quirky scientists alongside estranged siblings, Travis and Berit. Balancing tension and humor, The AmSaf Files is an uplifting story about reconciliation, the dangers of isolation, and how “family” is the one that you make. With 32 chapters across 85,000 words, this novel is a witty, heart-wrenching read with a satisfying ending.

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Work Timeline

August 2021 - July 2022

The AmSaf Files

First Draft

Second Draft

Alpha Readers

Third Draft

Beta Readers

*Outline and Feedback Review

Final Draft

Querying Begins

 5 1/2 Months

2 Weeks

6 weeks

16 weeks 

6 weeks

14 weeks


AUG 16th - SEP 30th, 21'

OCT 1st - JAN 14th, 21'

JAN 15th - FEB 28th, 22'

MAR 1st - ARP 30th 22'

MAY 1st - JUL 14TH, 22'

JUL 15TH, 22'

Special Thanks!

*Thank you to Skylar Zilka at Honeycomb Copy for reviewing all of the beta reader's notes, reading the book, and providing a strategic point of view for the revision process. 

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