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Only Orbit

August 2022 - January 2024

Upcoming Project
Summary + Timeline

Dydier’s god is trying to kill him.

Even being one of Thepa’s first creations didn’t give him a pass after he wiped out all of the young god’s favorite monsters. Now, Dydier is trying to make an alliance with the Sun and Moon so they will help him somehow kill their god without destroying all of creation in the process. Despite being woefully underpowered, Dydier knows something that gives him a slight advantage:  

His god is an idiot.

Coming Up Next

Final Outline Draft

First Draft

Second Draft

Alpha Readers

Third Draft

Beta Readers

Final Draft

Querying Begins

4 Weeks 

5 Months

3 Months

4 weeks

3 months 

4 weeks

3 months


AUG 1st - AUG 31th, 22'

SEP 1st - FEB 1st, 23'

FEB 2nd - APR 30th, 23'

MAY 1st - MAY 31st, 23'

 JUN 1st - AUG 31st, 23'

SEP 1st - SEP 30th, 23'

OCT 1st - DEC 31st, 23'

JAN 1st, 2024

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