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Query Letter

To whom it may concern,


     The AmSaf Files is about Berit Wabasha and her found family of quirky scientists. Together they are developing the AmSaf, a machine that creates elaborate dreamscapes that accelerate human learning.

     This research could be pivotal for N3-C9-ED, their home planet that was terraformed and settled by Earth’s united nations two hundred years ago. Now that they have built a society and infrastructure on the planet, they will be welcoming millions of people escaping earth’s overpopulation in the coming decades. With the AmSaf’s potential to rapidly create geniuses to support the new civilization, the teams research gains traction and puts them into the public eye.

     While interplanetary travel is common, Berit’s permanent lung damage prevents her from going off world. As the AmSaf project’s test subject, she uses the dreamstates to feel like she has control over her limited life and avoid the fact that her friends and family have the freedom to leave her.

     As they get a massive grant to extend their research, the AmSaf malfunctions with Berit inside, putting their friend into a coma and bringing their progress to a screeching halt. If the team doesn’t wake Berit before the media finds out, their project will be terminated and decades worth of research will be lost. 

     What the team doesn’t know, is that Berit learning a crushing secret about her past caused the machine to malfunction.

     Fifteen years ago, Berit hoped her older brother, Travis, would protect her from their father’s abuse. But Travis abandoned her. Instead, Uncle Amos cared for her, picking up the pieces of her shattered childhood as he raised Berit alone.

     Her world comes crashing down when Uncle Amos confesses that he separated them all those years ago. For the first time, the uncle she’d seen as her hero and the brother she’d grown to hate weren’t who she thought they were.

     When the AmSaf’s malfunction spirals her into an endless loop of nightmares, the scientists must solve the mystery behind her coma, unlock the genetic key to reconfigure the machine, and reunite the siblings before their research is lost and Berit is brain dead. 

This adult science fiction standalone is a race-against-the-clock for all 99,000 words.

     I'm a career nonfiction writer from Minnesota with seven years of experience in technical writing, copywriting, and ghostwriting. I am a new author and have not had the pleasure of publishing my fiction yet.

   If you would like to consider The AmSaf Files, I'd be happy to forward a partial or complete version of the manuscript at your request. Thank you for your time and consideration.


     Krista Joy Coleman

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