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What I'm Looking for in an Agent

 I'm looking for an agent with an editorial touch who will help build my career.


          I want a guide that will help me choose which book to write next, advise on major and minor career steps, help me network with industry professionals, and be honest about my options. I care less about the 'big' deal and more are the 'right' deal when it comes to publishers. I desire an agent that will discuss the pros and cons of each offer with me.

          As a genre fiction author, who wants to stay in SFF, I want an agent who is comfortable and confident in that space as an agent and editorial guide. I prefer to work with an agent who is focused on the literary industry rather than television or film. Pursuing publishing in multiple countries and languages is important to me, so my agent should be connected outside of the U.S. 

         Last but not least, I want an agent who will be blunt with me. I work best with direct feedback and people who speak their minds. I would rather be told the truth upfront and face challenges head-on to help me improve rather than have situations sugar-coated for me. 


  • Editorial focus 

  • Help with career planning and strategy

  • Interest or focus in Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Will discuss pros and cons of contracts

  • Blunt 

About Krista Joy

My Writing + Working Style

I'm a science fiction and fantasy author pursuing traditional publishing with my novel,

The AmSaf Files.

Inspired most by the writing of Brent Weeks, Andy Weir, Nicholas Eames, and Martha Wells, my writing style is quick-paced with a touch of sarcasm and a lot of heart. I enjoy reading and writing flawed characters going through out-of-this-world problems in fantastical settings and grounding their lives in genuine, raw relationships.

 I am a disciplined artist, fully believing that great books are born from consistent work and some inspiration when I’m lucky. My philosophy is to work like a professional author until I am one. I allow myself three to six months per draft, write consistently every day, and steadily provide my work to critiquing groups for feedback.

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